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Recent news

  • Jun. 2019. Now I start my internship at Mila, working on generative model of graphs with Prof. Jian Tang.
  • May. 2019. One paper was submmited to Neurips, 2019 as the first author.
  • Sept. 2018. Thank Kwang-Hua Education Foundation for the scholarship (top 3%).
  • Aug. 2018. Thank Shanghai Jiaotong University for funding me to participate in Oxford-Prospects Programs at University of Oxford (15 undergrads in SJTU are selected this year).
  • Mar. 2018. Thank Prof. Yong Yu and Prof. Weinan Zhang for accepting my request for joing Apex Lab. Now I begin my research of Machine Learning.
  • Oct. 2017. Thanks for the scholarship given by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau (top 2%).